Member of the Month

Stephanie Knightly

Employer: Oak Hill

Job Title: Development Associate

Committee Member On: Civic Engagement and Community Involvement 

What she likes about work: 

I work in the Development Department at Oak Hill, which is the largest private provider of disability services in Connecticut. Most of the time when I tell people I work in “non-profit development,” I get the puppy head tilt of confusion. It’s a broad title that covers fundraising job tasks including gift processing, grant writing, event planning, marketing/communications, volunteer coordination and more. There are several different aspects to the job, but I enjoy all of them-especially knowing that all work in the non-profit field is mission driven. When you can witness milestones like a man pushing himself backwards with one leg for 26.2 miles or a woman in tears over a gifted assistive technology device that allows her to be able to read again, there’s no better feeling knowing you helped to contribute even in the tiniest bit.   

What she loves about Hartford and the region: 
I am a big advocate of our capitol city. It’s the main reason for joining the two HYPE committees that I’m on. Hartford has so many places to explore- from parks to restaurants/bars, to museums, and more. There is also so much history and culture to learn about throughout the (17!) different neighborhoods. Whether I’m walking or driving though the city, I discover a new spot almost every time. I love coming downtown for a happy hour or dinner then heading over to catch a Goats or Wolfpack game. I think Hartford has something for everyone and I’m so passionate about its potential. I feel the momentum the city has with bringing in new business, education, and talented professionals and I’m excited to see where we are in another 5 years. #hartfordhasit!

Her favorite thing about HYPE:
I originally joined HYPE to meet some other young professionals in the non-profit sector, but have stuck around and become more involved because of the welcoming/inclusive atmosphere and the like-minded passion the 4,000+ HYPE members share for the city of Hartford. I’ve learned so much from my fellow HYPEsters and have been introduced to so many hidden gems throughout the city thanks to events like Get HYPEd and HYPErActive. 

Her hobbies and interests outside of work:
I go from one extreme to the other. I love to get outside and stay active – I teach yoga, play soccer, go hiking, attempt to run long distances, and I just got a stand up paddle board that I’m looking forward to taking out this summer. On the other hand, I love to sink into the couch and binge watch good (and bad) television or classic 80s movies. I also LOVE the beach/the Cape, going to concerts, bonfires with friends, and exploring the local wineries and breweries.

Her external involvement: 
Outside of the two HYPE committees I am involved with, I sit on the board for Well-Being for Warriors- a non-profit providing integrative services for veterans with PTSD and other post-war ailments. I am also a member of the Connecticut Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). 

Contact Info: