U.S. Senate Candidate Luncheon featuring Linda McMahon

Nov 02, 2012

Linda McMahon, candidate to represent Connecticut in the Unites States Senate, was kind enough to join the MetroHartford Alliance on November 2nd for a luncheon to discuss her candidacy, economic plan, and field questions from the audience. She began by pointing out that while the election cycle is just winding down for most of us, her campaign is “gearing up.” She has dubbed the upcoming weekend a “72 hour sprint” and plans to try and visit as much of the state as possible. She also reiterated her experiences the past few days visiting communities affected by the hurricane as well as shelters, Red Cross locations, local mayors, and church groups. McMahon expressed pride in the business community providing essentials like food, services, and communication to those in need and gave the example of Mystic Aquarium opening its doors for children to trick or treat inside.

McMahon told the audience the focus of her campaign, both in this election and the previous is centered on the creation of jobs. She labeled her 6 point plan a “pro-growth plan” and believes it is the best way to fix our economy:

Point 1) Enact a tax cut for the middle class - She expressed interest in getting rid of the 25% bracket so they instead pay 15%.

Point 2) A reduction of taxes on business, both small and large - She would lower the percentage we tax businesses from 35% to 25%.

Point 3) A roll-back of regulations - McMahon believes that regulation is “squeezing our economy.” She told the audience that she would limit regulations on banks so they can “do what they do best” when it comes to evaluating risk and lending.

Point 4) Cut spending - Her plan focuses on cutting 1% off the budget from multiple sources. One expenditure that will not be cut is military spending. McMahon believes that any cut in this category would put our country at risk and hurt Connecticut’s economy.

Point 5) Empowering our Workforce – While she believes it is important for anyone who wants to go to college to have that opportunity, McMahon believes that we lack a skilled labor force and would invest in technical schools.

Point 6) Develop a comprehensive energy policy – McMahon believes that it is important we continue to drill for oil and practice hydraulic fracturing for natural gas while developing renewable energy sources. She is a believer in the Keystone Pipeline.

She expressed that there are some major differences between herself and Congressman Chris Murphy (Also running for the U.S. Senate seat.) McMahon touted herself as a “job creator in the private sector” while Murphy has been in office throughout much of his career. She mentioned that when she confronted him about a plan to grow the economy, Murphy didn’t have one, instead asking voters to look at his record. McMahon believes that we “need someone with a different skill set in Washington.” A person who “understands taxes and regulations.”

One member of the audience expressed concern that large companies are getting thousands in tax breaks and incentives while simultaneously laying off employees. McMahon was quick to point out that she is “not a politician” and will reach across party lines to fix things because she is “looking for a job, not a career.” She isn’t afraid to vote against her own party and while she “can’t guarantee success, [she] will give 110%.”

On that note someone asked what her strategy would be to build support among colleagues in Washington, seeing as how she may vote against her own party? McMahon responded by saying there are only 17 women in the U.S. Senate and they often meet together to discuss anything from politics to personal things. She would take a similar strategy by forming small groups and beginning conversations, adding that “it’s what worked for [her] over the years.”

When asked how she would advocate for women and pay equality should she win, McMahon stated that she is a believer in “same pay for same job.” The law is already in the books and needs to be enforced. She mentioned that she has been accused of not believing in women’s health issues going back to her past career in the private sector but she told the audience that the accusations are not true.

We would like to think Linda McMahon for taking the time out of her busy schedule right before a critical election to speak with us. To learn more about McMahon please visit her website.


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