Time Management with Walt Hampton

Jul 21, 2014

We were really honored to have Walt Hampton speak at a HYPE event at the end of June about stress management, and even more excited when at the end of the event he handed out signed copies of his book, The Power Principles of Time Mastery to everyone there. I read the book and wanted to share some of my favorite topics from it, which are great tips on time management for everyone and which I think of lot of young professionals can benefit from.

"Busy... As if the busier we are, the more important we are, or the more significant our work," (12)

Have you noticed that every time you ask someone how they're doing, they all say they're SO busy? I have! At every HYPE event I hear people say how busy they are throughout the night. And I've come to realize, everyone is busy. We're all busy, which for some reason has become like a badge of honor. Maybe this means we all need to get better about time management and becoming more efficient.

"Time mastery... needs to become a practice, a habit; something you don't re-think every day; something you just do." (46)

If you've read Malcom Gladwell's Outliers, then you know all about his 10,000 hours theory (and if you don't, read HYPE staffer Jackie's blog about it!). Walt uses the same example of 10,000 hours to become a master of managing your own time. We all complain about how much we have to do, but it seems like no one is really doing anything about it. Find ways to be less busy and less stressed, and practice them every day.

"I'm all for spontaneity. And I love free time. Plan it! Block out the time." (57)

I looked at my calendar not too long ago and found that I booked myself into things every weekend for a couple of months. I wasn't even thinking about it, but I essentially took away my opportunities to have a lazy weekend. I love this idea of booking my free time. I think that would also help me with saying "No", because I would remind myself that I had blocked off that time to relax on purpose. I saw a great quote on Pinterest (obviously), "When you ask me what I'm doing today, and I say "nothing" it does not mean that I am free. It means I'm doing nothing."

"The average U.S. worker uses only half of their paid vacation time off. Last year there were 577,212,000 vacation days left on the table." (87)

Take your vacation time!! I've totally fallen into the trap of feeling more stressed about leaving work to take a vacation than it felt like was worth, but it really is. Make sure you're taking the time for yourself that you deserve. You'll be more focused when you get back after taking a break from work.

I highly recommend Walt's book. It's a great reminder of the little things you can do to be less stressed and to better manage your time. And that's something we can all use. Now you just have to find the time to read it!

Caitlin Thayer is the Program Director for HYPE. One of her favorite activities is to add meetings and events to her calendar, which she is working on quitting.


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