2014 Member Spotlights

Dec 29, 2014

Each month we honor one HYPE member as our Member Spotlight. These individuals have not only been active in HYPE, but also demonstrate leadership in the community. Lets take a look back at our 2014 Member Spotlights, and admire what they hope to accomplish in the future.

January: Ryan O'Halloran
HYPE Member Since: 2011
Future Aspirations: I plan to run for office and write a novel by the end. I also put stock in being a good friend.

February: Eliana Cardeño
HYPE Member Since: 2013
Employer: Central Area Health Education Center, Inc.
Future Aspirations: I would like to start a social enterprise that focuses on women's empowerment and healthy lifestyles.

March: Amanda Girardin
HYPE Member Since: 2012
Employer: Journey Home, Inc.
Future Aspirations: One of my main goals is to gain respect among my peers for my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience in the field. My ultimate goal is to have a lasting impact on reducing systemic injustices that exist in our society in whatever capacity I am able to.

April: Christopher Woodhouse
HYPE Member Since: 2010
Employer: Webster Investment Services
Future Aspirations: To aim at being the very best I can be in my line of work as a financial representative, and eventually become one of the top financial advisors in the country. The best way I can explain as to how to achieve this is through a Thomas Edison quote, "The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are: hard work, stick-to-itiveness and common sense."

May: Michael S. Hill
HYPE Member Since: 2012
Employer: Filomeno & Company, P.C
Future Aspirations: To aim to become partner in the firm and more involved in specialty practice areas in consulting and litigation support.  I find these to be the most rewarding in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

June: Amee Parikh
HYPE Member Since: 2011
Employer: Cognizant
Future Aspirations:  I would like to be able to use my experience, skills and network to build a team and products that aim towards general public welfare including access to healthcare, educated and preventative care, better access to education and better lifestyles in limited income.  Another side of me wants to start a café/bookstore blend and chat with customers all day long and make different kinds of tea, coffee and snacks. 

July: Kevin Ehrlich
HYPE Member Since: 2011
Employer: Pratt & Whitney
Future Aspirations:  At work, I would like to get into new product development instead of maintenance and repair. I also plan to transition into a leadership and project management role for technical projects within my group. In the Hartford community, I plan to be more engaged with the Hartford Camp Courant Board of Directors. Through my interactions with HYPE I was granted the opportunity to work with this organization and help those less fortunate than myself.

August: Tyra Peluso
HYPE Member Since: 2011
Employer: Northeast Utilities
Future Aspirations:  I want to devote more time to my passion for baking. I would love to turn it into a business one day.

September: Beth Matonak
HYPE Member Since: 2010
Employer: Pratt & Whitney
Future Aspirations: In my career, I would like to continue to work in fleet program management, learning the various portions of the sustainment business, and eventually move to a program manager position. I would also like to continue to grow as an athlete and continue to improve and challenge myself to participate in longer or more difficult races. In the community, I want to continue to volunteer with the triathlon group I have been working with for the past several years, in addition to becoming more active in the Community Involvement Committee for HYPE.

October: Brian Joel Waddell
HYPE Member Since: 2009
Employer: The New England Financial Group, LLC
Future Aspirations: I want to change the way financial services are delivered to and perceived by small businesses, young professionals and the Latin community by carefully listening to what they need and focusing on their success. One day, when I wind down from my financial practice I’ll pick up my Latin-American café concept I started in college. I’ve always wanted to have my own place to eat empanadas and have a family business to leave behind. All of this, while having a family, seeing the world and playing lots of golf.

November: Colette Gregoire
HYPE Member Since: 2013
Employer: BL Companies
Future Aspirations: In a world full of unknown and unlimited career opportunities, learning something new outside of work is something completely within my control. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and I have written that into my five year plan. In the future, I could be living abroad, starting my own company or a million of other things, but I’ll hopefully be playing the piano wherever I end up.

December: Steve Clayton
HYPE Member Since: 2013
Employer: Aetna
Future Aspirations: In the future, I want to get my CIA, Certified Internal Auditor, certification. After receiving that, I would be able to possibly move into IT/Information Systems. I am currently looking into this opportunity.

Thank you to all of our member spotlights for being active participants this year in HYPE. We wish you luck in reaching your goals, and we look forward to working with you in 2015!


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