Millennials and Time Management

Jun 15, 2015

There are all sorts of opinions, and myths, about Millennials and work. Yes, it's true that Millennials have different professional values, but certain things don't change. There are timeless principles that apply to every generation. As a young professional or entrepreneur you need to make intelligent decisions about how to best allocate your most precious resources: time and energy. The challenge that everyone (and every generation) faces is how to understand and allocate their time.

The fundamental truth is that time just is, and cannot be managed - only you and your priorities can be managed. This is the essence of effective self- and priority-management. If you can understand this and make daily choices that respect it, you will get more of what matters done and be healthier, happier and more effective - and who doesn't want that?

If you're feeling too busy or overwhelmed, it's probably because a) you've said "yes" too much; b) you don't know what you (really) want; c) you want to be; or d) you don't know how to manage yourself effectively.

Let's take those in order...

A) If you have too much to do it's because you've taken too much on. Everyone has the same amount of time, it's the smart ones who learn to say "no" to things that truly aren't a priority. Of course, they do it nicely and respectfully, but they've set clear and strong boundaries.

B) If you don't know what you want, you'll likely try all sorts of things. Some you'll like to do, some you won't. When you get clear about what you want you can easily make decisions about what to do, and what not to do.

C) You're in charge of you. Whatever you have is a result of what you've done and haven't done. If you're too busy, it's because - somehow, some way - you want to be.

D) Most people who are overwhelmed don't have good habits. Their systems-of-life don't work or are hidden to them. So much of what we do is habit. Therefore, if our life is messy it's because we don't have the necessary habits in place.

Do you find yourself "too busy" a lot? What do you do about it?

Matthew Hawley is a member of HYPE's Personal & Professional Development Committee. Matthew is a Business and Career Coach and helps his clients to have more money, time and energy.


  1. 2 Linda Spevacek 15 Jun
    Great article, Matt! I especially like the clarity of A through D - hits the nail on the head and in the right order. Saying "No" nicely, but firmly, to things that aren't a true passion, is a must. Also key to sanity in my own life is getting out into nature and taking a walk. Cures many ills!
  2. 1 Bridget Cooper 16 Jun
    I really enjoyed this article, particularly C. We often speak of time in a manner that makes us victims of its passing. We forget that we are in charge of our choices in how we invest or spend it. One of my favorite sayings about time is, "If you want to know what people truly value, don't ask them. Instead, watch how they spend their time and their money." 


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