Connecticut Summer Staycation

Jun 23, 2015

Summer officially began on June 21 at 12:38 PM (at least for us in the Eastern Time Zone). As you ponder what you might do this Summer, I wanted to help frame things and offer some resources for how you can make the most of the season (and beyond . . . ).

 We’ve all heard how Americans work some of the longest hours and take the least vacation time. Are we incredibly productive? Yes, for sure. But are we paying a price for all the hours worked and vacation days not taken? Yes again.

In regards to “framing things:” it is vitally important that we take regular breaks to refresh and recharge. Believe it or not we work better, with more creativity and accuracy when we consistently take time off. If you want to be at your best, at your most productive and effective, you must take structured and — and I know this sounds paradoxical — focused breaks in which you focus on rest and recovery, and be present with that. Vacations, even weekend getaways, are a big part of this.

In terms of long-term life satisfaction and happiness, experiences always trump things. You will be a happier, more satisfied and fulfilled person if you choose to do interesting things over accumulating more stuff (and memories are so much easier to pack when you move . . . !). So, it’s important to take breaks and refresh and recharge regularly — a big part of which is physically getting away and relaxing and disconnecting — and that fun and enriching experiences beat material possessions every day of the week. But what’s there to do? I’m glad you asked because there are so many options right here in Connecticut and within just a two hour drive.

Here are some resources for quick trips and stay-cations, most of which are right here in the Nutmeg State:

The Official Visit CT site

The Hartford Courant posted a slideshow with some good ideas:

CTNow has a great Events page

While geared towards families, Mommy Poppins has some great ideas for day trips

And of course, HYPE has an entire page dedicated to other events in Hartford

I know I’ll be getting out and checking out the following:

Adventure Park in Storrs

Gillette Castle

CT Wine Trail

New England Air Museum

Storm King Art Center  (I know, it’s not in CT, but it looks so cool and it’s less than two hours from Hartford)

So, take a break and get out and do stuff!

Matthew Hawley is a member of HYPE's Personal & Professional Development Committee. Matthew is a Business and Career Coach and helps his clients to have more money, time and energy.

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  1. 1 Tyra Peluso 15 Jul
    Great ideas!  Thanks.


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