Entrepreneurs Heart Greater Hartford - Keyes Music Therapy, LLC

Jan 22, 2016

Tell us about Keyes Music Therapy, LLC

I launched Keyes Music Therapy, LLC back in 2010. Keyes Music Therapy, LLC strives to achieve goals through musical activities for people with special needs. I provide in-home sessions across the state for individuals and groups living with Developmental Disabilities (ie. Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc). Through hands-on, creative, engaging, and purposeful musical activities, Music Therapy can assist in improving communication, sensory, cognitive, relaxation, and socialization skills, as well as increasing motor movements, and self-esteem, while decreasing anxiety and negative behaviors.

Keyes Music Therapy, LLC is unique in the field because it also provides Pet Therapy services to participating clients. Pet Therapy complements our sessions with additional sensory stimulation, and is proven to decrease blood pressure, improve motor skills, increase vocabulary and verbal interactions, aid in long- or short-term memory, and improve willingness to be involved in a group activity.

Why did you decide to start your business in Greater Hartford?

I was born and raised in the Greater Hartford area, so when I graduated from college it seemed logical to move back home with my family to start a job search. While working full-time, I began building a client base that grew itself into a full-time private practice. I found that the interest in Music Therapy in Connecticut along with my unique education and skills could be a formula for a successful business venture.

How does your business impact the community?

Due to the growth and expansion of Keyes Music Therapy, LLC it has become apparent that there is a great need for additional support in the community, especially for those with special needs. It is unfortunately not unheard of for this population to be overlooked and underserved, and I am proud that my company can provide services to them that may not be available elsewhere. My business gives the special needs community the tools to maintain, restore, and improve the various aspects of their lives and in turn, their homes, and outreach into their communities.

What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who may be hesitant to take the plunge into entrepreneurship?

It is a scary jump to take at first. However, if you have enough passion for your trade, creating a business in your field is worth any risk. With a dream, a vision, hard work, and a support system, anything can be possible. A strong support system made up of friends, family, mentors, educators, and other business people are great assets when starting, growing, and maintaining a business.

What is it like being an entrepreneur in Greater Hartford? What difficulties or challenges have you faced?

I am blessed to have created a thriving business in Greater Hartford. There are several agencies in Connecticut (both state-run and private sector) whose purpose is to help the special needs population. The employees of these agencies advocate and fight for the rights of these citizens. Their outreach and support of Music Therapy has been overwhelming. My greatest challenge is finding the time to keep up with the growing demand!

What is your vision for your business over the next five years?

Keyes Music Therapy, LLC will be hiring employees to help reach new clients who are interested in services. Upon hiring employees, Keyes Music Therapy, LLC will expand into other special needs populations, such as special education classrooms, hospitals, hospice care, etc.

To learn more about Keyes Music Therapy check out Elizabeth's website!

This blog series, posted in partnership between HYPE and reSET, offers a platform to showcase the commitment that the Greater Hartford Region Entrepreneurs have for their work and this City. It will examine how young entrepreneurs have chosen their work, and give examples of the ways in which they are having an impact in their communities.


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