2016 Members of the Month

Dec 28, 2016

Each month we honor one HYPE member as our Member of the Month. These individuals have not only been active in HYPE, but also demonstrate leadership in the community. Let's take a look back at their accomplishments as well as a fun fact about each one of them.

January: David Morse
HYPE Member Since: 2014
Employer: The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Fun Fact: Outside of work, I’m an avid sports fan, on and off the field. I mostly play basketball, golf and tennis, and am an active follower of all sports, on both a professional and collegiate level. I also exercise regularly and would like to enter a Tough Mudder competition or something similar in the future.

February: Lisa Pawlik
HYPE Member Since: 2010
Employer: Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Hartford
Fun Fact: I graduated from the University of Kentucky where the big 3 are Basketball, Basketball Recruitment and Football. I am a BIG fan of my UK Wildcats Basketball and Football teams. I will jump at any opportunity to travel throughout the United States. I also enjoy yoga and hiking.

March: Steven Hernandez, Esq.
HYPE Member Since: 2014
Employer: Commission on Children, General Assembly
Fun Fact: I serve as a member of the Board of Director for Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity, where we bring people together to build homes, communities and hope so that every man, woman and child can have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety. I am also a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, where I serve on the Membership Committee.

April: Katherine Donovan
HYPE Member Since: 2012
Employer: Whittlesey & Hadley, P.C.
Fun Fact: My hobbies outside of work are photography and playing sports. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in pictures and cameras and recently I started photography as a part-time business in addition to my full time job in accounting. I’ll have to say, since I’m so used to taking everyone else’s picture, it was difficult for me to find a picture of myself for this article! My love for sports started when I was 4 years old when I started playing soccer. Now I play soccer in different co-ed adult leagues most of the year in addition to playing Waka kickball and occasionally playing golf.

May: Charles Logue
HYPE Member Since: 2014
Employer: Morgan Stanley
Fun Fact: I am a race/drift car driver/instructor and also a flight instructor and commercial pilot. I’m an avid body builder and hoping to compete in Men’s Physique bodybuilding. I also act in community theatre, most recently as Rocky in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

June: Alisha C. Pierce
HYPE Member Since
: 2014
Employer: The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Fun Fact: During my spare time I enjoy salsa dancing, traveling around the globe and I also have recently started to collect vinyl. It is my goal to buy a new record from each of my travel destinations with the hopes that my collection will ultimately tell the story of my life’s journey..

July: Dan Castle
HYPE Member Since: 2014
Employer: Advanced Torque Products
Fun Fact: Though I work in the engineering and aerospace world now, my Architecture and Animal Science background from Cornell still leaves an animal/outdoors itch I need to scratch. Before my professional career took off, I used to raise livestock as a hobby. Given my new time constraints, I just raise poultry.  Each year I hatch about 300 chickens at my parent’s farm in Terryville, CT. Given their relatively short reproductive cycle, I can easily track their genetic lineage from year to year and improve on the quality of birds I raise from one generation to the next. Over the last few years, I’ve sold birds throughout the world to fellow breeders to help improve their programs. 

August: Kelly Conrad
HYPE Member Since: 2015
Employer: The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Fun Fact: I tend to stay very busy outside of work. I’m pretty artistic and love to create, so I sign up for just about any local artsy events (paint nights, Craftivate events, classes at Scraptivity) and I am part of a pottery group that meets once a week. I’m involved in a Yelp Elite group, love to walk the different linear/canal trails throughout the state, and attend a lot of local music events. I try to say “yes” to as many things as possible; you never know what opportunities may come your way and it’s more fun than sitting on your couch.

September: Andrew Stipicevic
HYPE Member Since: 2015
Employer: Murasaki Japanese Restaurant
Fun Fact: My hobbies and interests outside of work boil down to two things: Cars and Skydiving. I have the passion for cars from my dad. We would always go to the local car show, watch races on TV and take rides in his cars. To me, the car culture is the ultimate experience. It involves all of your senses, and really engulfs you into the experience. The easiest way to get me talking is to mention anything automotive. This is the way to my heart. My other interest is a bit unique, because only a handful of people understand why I would jump out of a “perfectly good” airplane. Sure the adrenaline rush is there, but like any sport, skydiving is more fun with others. There are so many things to do in the sky that it never gets boring. I started jumping when I was a sophomore at UConn and have over 350 jumps to date. It’s one of the experiences that I think everyone should have at least once.

October: Corrine King
HYPE Member Since: 2015
Employer: Wheeler Clinic
Fun Fact: After work, I love to be outside. When I am not at a HYPE event, I am usually walking or biking on a local rail trail. It helps me unwind after being inside in front of a computer all day. I love to hang out with friends and enjoy everything Connecticut and New England has to offer. My boyfriend and I enjoy boating, hiking, day tripping, going to the beach and wine tasting. Last summer, I went to all of the Connecticut wineries in the Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries contest. In the winter, I spend time cooking, baking, reading and playing board games.

November: Aaron Eicoff
HYPE Member Since: 2013
Employer: Avangrid
Fun Fact: I have a lot of hobbies and interests. On a daily basis, I enjoy cooking, weight lifting, training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and practicing yoga. In the summer, I play a lot of outdoor volleyball, and in the winter I like to go skiing.  I’ve also recently become an equestrian.

December: Amanda Trothier
HYPE Member Since: 2015
Employer: Partnership for Strong Communities
Fun Fact: In the next 5-10 years I will apply for, get accepted to and complete a Master’s in Public Administration and/or in Social Work at UConn. Through obtaining my Masters I will take the next step in my career path, in hopes to be in a leadership role in the social sector. I plan to continue running, increase my distance and pace, and work up to running a full marathon. I look forward to traveling and taking adventures here in the U.S. and abroad, and fill my passport with many new stamps! I am enthusiastic that the next ten will be even better than the last ten, cheers to the next ten years and all the amazing adventures they will bring.

Thank you to all of our member of the months for being active participants this year in HYPE. We wish you luck in reaching your goals, and we look forward to working with you in 2017!


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