Community Conversations - Chrysalis Center

Aug 22, 2017

Part of HYPE’s mission is to help young professionals become better engaged in community life, expand professional and social opportunities, and become ambassadors for the Hartford Region. HYPE encourages cross-collaboration amchrysalis centerong agencies and organizations that offer opportunities to volunteer in the community. The Community Conversations series focuses on interviewing professionals in a local nonprofit to bring awareness to their mission, highlight their impact in the community, and to provide information on how to get more involved with the organization. For the August edition, HYPEster and Community Involvement Committee Member Divyam Garg interviewed Arlene Greco of Chrysalis Center.

What is the mission of your organization?

Chrysalis Center mission to help those living in poverty, veterans, women and children, young adults and individuals that are struggling with mental health, addiction, HIV/AIDS, those returning from incarceration and homelessness. Through job training, employment services, housing, nutrition, and other community healthcare services, Chrysalis Center helps individuals transform their lives by “Getting help… Getting better… and Giving Back.” Chrysalis Center is a private, non-profit, socially innovative multiservice organization that serves individuals and families living in the State of Connecticut.

What is your role within the organization?

Arlene Greco is the Director of Development for the Chrysalis Center. Her passion lies in serving the community to ensure better circumstances for the less fortunate to give them an equal shot as everyone else. Her role comprises of raising funds and community awareness for Chrysalis Center’s services. Under her leadership as Director of Development, Chrysalis Center has expanded their outreach through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and improved their communication with those looking for an outlet to gainfreshplace-logo self-independence. Arlene is responsible for improving ways to gain more widespread recognition for all the services Chrysalis Center has to offer.

 How do you implement your programs or services?

Rather than simply providing hand-outs and creating a system of dependency, Chrysalis Center offers services in five core areas to help the less fortunate become self-reliant over a period of time. These Five core areas are: Community Employment Services, Community Support Services and Case Management, Community Supportive Housing, Recovery Services, and Community Connections. By offering services in finding employment, self-improvement goals, an art gallery, a commercial kitchen for training in culinary arts, fresh food pantry and housing, etc., Chrysalis Center acts as a catalyst in improving self-dependence to those who may find it daunting to become a fully engaged member  in the community.

 In what ways has your organization been impactful to your cause?

Chrysalis Center helps over 4,000 individuals and their families annually. They’ve made a significant improvement in engaging individuals to be productive members of our society in order to create a strong community. Their services help individuals recognize their God-given potential. Chrysalis Center’s mission really embraces the popular phrase: “Give a man fish, feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Leading by example in the community, Chrysalis Center epitomizes the concept of Human Development regardless of your past hardships.    

How does someone get more involved?

Volunteers are welcome at Chrysalis Center. This past year, over 300 volunteers gave of their time and talent in a variety of volunteer activities. Please visit Chrysalis Centers’ website to learn more about their services. Chrysalis Center is always looking to get more Volunteers involved in assisting individuals through the plethora of services they have to offer for transforming lives. 

Please visit the volunteer page ofind more information on how you can be part of a culture to help transform lives. You can also email Arlene Greco for volunteer opportunities and more details. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.




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