Hanging Out With HYPE - Women Wednesdays

Nov 28, 2017

At Hartford Flavor Company, we are very emotionally invested and committed to our capital city community. We saw an opportunity to use our business as a platform to help other women become empowered and inspired in business as well as in their personal lives. Hartford Flavor Company has created a monthly networking happy hour for women of all ages, and career levels, to come and help build each other up and empower each other!

The main ambition of the Women Wednesdays series is to inspire and empower women of all ages to DM HFCcome together and create a meaningful local support network to continue to help build change within our community. There is a theme each month where we welcome female speakers from different vocations and leadership roles to share their experience and how they faced different forms of adversity. The goal is to attract the younger generation of women starting their careers or thinking of entering into business for themselves and hopefully are able to create meaningful working mentorships with experienced women.

This month’s event is on Wednesday, November 29th and the theme revolves around resilience, combating internal and external doubt, handling crisis’ and inner strength in critical situations. There will be two female Lieutenants from both the Hartford Police department and Fire department to talk about the obstacles they have faced in their careers as well as featuring female first responders including firefighters, EMT’s, veterans, medical professionals and many more women who show courage and resilience in the face of critical situations every day!

HFL Meg"As a young woman trying to find her place in the career world, this event is really exciting to me because it allows me to connect with other women who have gone or are currently going through the same things as me. I am constantly combating insecurity and struggling to find my place and this event always assures me it's ok to not have everything figured out and that I am strong!" - HYPEster Megan Mazzotta, Event Coordinator at Hartford Flavor Company.

Hartford Flavor Company has created a platform of support and appreciation for these women who choose to selflessly put themselves in the face of danger to protect and save others. We hope that you will join our mission.

{Strong women - May we be them, may we raise them, may we empower them. }


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