Community Conversations - Connecticut Public

Feb 27, 2018

Part of HYPE’s mission is to help young professionals become better engaged in community life, expand professional and social opportunities, and become ambassadors for the Hartford Region. HYPE encourages cross-collaboration among agencies and organizations that offer opportunities to volunteer in the community. The Community Conversations series focuses on interviewing professionals in a local nonprofit to bring awareness to their mission, highlight their impact in the community, and prCT Public Logoovide information on how to get more involved with the organization. For the February edition, HYPEster and Community Involvement Committee Member Kathryn O’Neil interviewed Carol Sisco of Connecticut Public.

What is the mission of your organization?

Connecticut Public’s mission is to provide a powerful voice for Connecticut’s diverse communities through programs, initiatives and outreach services. Connecticut Public Television (CPTV), Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR) and Connecticut Learning Lab foster collaboration and inspire understanding through education and entertainment. CPTV strives to provide offerings that enrich people’s lives through high-quality educational programming and services that inform, educate and inspire viewers. CPTV provides two statewide broadcast television channels – CPTV and CPTV Spirit. In addition, CPTV provides round-the-clock children’s programming via its CPTV/PBS Kids 24/7 digital live streaming channel. CPTV reaches viewers statewide with its unique blend of exceptional local public television shows, which often expand interest to audiences across the country.   

What is your role within the organization?

Carol Sisco is the Vice President/Executive Director of Television Programming and Acquisition for Connecticut Public Television (CPTV). As station manager, she works with national television distributor PBS to determine programming strategies and education initiatives to best meet the needs of Connecticut communities. She focuses on audience development and community engagement for viewers in Connecticut and beyond. She also acts as the station representative for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) participating in cable relations and approving licensing agreements.

How do you implement your programs or services?

Using PBS as a foundation, Carol and her team implements programming schedules and strategies to best meet the needs of the community through local production and national acquisitions. In 2017, CPTV’s local programs raised issues of importance to the state and its citizens, providing expert opinion and generating dialogue and actionable information designed to 13907025_10207199080955479_5156497778807221445_nimprove the quality of life in Connecticut. Some key shows produced during 2017 include Infinity Hall Live (Season 6) and The Kate (Season 2). In the past year they have broadcast audience and community topics such as the Independent Lens Pop-Up series with the Yale Film Study Center and the Life Lessons that address understanding paid family leave, planning the best retirement options and dealing with opioid addiction. CPTV plays an integral role in offering a platform that initiates discussion and debate on a wide range of issues facing the state and its residents.

 In what ways has your organization been impactful to your cause?

Connecticut Public reaches thousands of individuals around Connecticut through its programs and outreach events. Through CPTV and its other media platforms, it reaches over 550,000 viewers each week. Outreach events sponsored by CPTV include Connecticut Kids Fair, which reaches over 10,000 parents and kids annually and the Summer Kickoff Event with Curious George at the Connecticut Science Center which provides educational information and activities for attendees. CPTV’s goal to be the most trusted, valued, and supported media organization in Connecticut remains at the forefront of its efforts to engage and enlighten the many diverse audiences that it serves.

How does someone get more involved? 

There are lots of ways to get involved at Connecticut Public! Please visit the website to learn more about volunteer activities and opportunities. They always encourage those in the community to become members. For additional information, follow CPTV on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  


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