Kick It With HYPE Recap with HYPE Exclusive Discount

Feb 27, 2018

**Recap written by HYPEster Christina Lumbreras**

logoWhat better way to spend a Thursday night than kickin’ it with fellow HYPE members at Glastonbury Fitness Kickboxing in Glastonbury. This gym offers a full schedule of 100% awesome kickboxing classes!  They had energetic instructors named Becca, Jeff, and Hannah that collaboratively make the class upbeat and fun with seamless transitions between movements and non-stop action. We jumped right into kickboxing routines after picking out our very own gloves.

The instructors were great about teaching us specific techniques, correcting our form, and encouraging us on as we endeavored to complete each new round. I was doing jabs, cross punches, upper-cuts, and round-house kicks. We started with an intense warm-up to get our hearts going. As we progressed, we not only worked our upper body, but also did intervals to work out our core and practiced some cool kicks. Everyone pushed hard and had an incredible time!  It was my first time throwing punches and kicks like that; I felt like renowned champ Amanda Nunes!


If you missed the session with us, they have extended their introductory promotions specifically for HYPE members! Now until Tuesday, March 14th they're offering a price of $9.99 for (3) classes and gloves. What an amazing deal!

Follow the below steps for the HYPE member exclusive discount:

1) Go to Glastonbury Fitness Kickboxing
2) Enter your name and email address and then click "Get Started Now"
3) Click the "Buy Now" button
4) Enter your Contact Information
5) In the Coupon section enter "HYPE"
6) Enter your Payment Information
7) Agree to the terms & conditions
8) Make your purchase!

Check out our Facebook album from our fun event here!


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