The Road I Travel - Jennie May

Jul 30, 2018

Part of HYPE’s mission is to help member expand professional and social opportunities by connecting them to other like minded young professionals. The Personal & Professional Development Committee offers a wide variety of events and programs to build personal and professional skills, and to connect with other young professionals. The goal of the "The Road I Travel" blog series is to highlight the unique paths of the committee members, while showcasing the many different tracks one can take in their professional journey.  For the July edition of this series, Committee Member Jennie May shares her personal story.

Lights, cameras …supply chain! All throughout childhood I diligently worked towards a career in news production. I left Florida to pursue broadcasting at Syracuse University and had a dream internship with NBC in New York City. But I soon realized that there is a difference between a hobby and a job. Instead of continuing the journalism track, I focused on a talent I used when traveling abroad, giving campus tours and scheduling extra circulars: logistics. 17-may-jennie

Logistics is how to get home after being stranded in the Philadelphia airport for 24 hours. It is how to transport all your belongings from Florida to New York and then to Connecticut. It also is how to meal prep for an entire week to save money by cutting overall costs. I joined a material management rotation program at Pratt & Whitney because logistics is synonymous with supply chain management, an industry with a purpose to make things better, faster and stronger.

I love meeting new people and I say that everything happens for a reason. Producing the news may not have worked out, but manufacturing runs in my family and supply chain is my way to connect with old family stories about producing thingamajigs, doohickeys and whatchamacallits, things you may call simple nuts and bolts. - Jennie May

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  1. 1 Jocelyn Hillard 15 Aug
    What an interesting story, Jennie May!


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