Q: What is HYPE Cup?

A: HYPE Cup is an event series where HYPE members compete as teams in different events from August to May, in order to earn points and win the HYPE Cup Trophy. Players can also sign up for specially identified volunteer opportunities in order to earn extra points for their teams. At the end of the series, the team with the most points wins the HYPE Cup Trophy and bragging rights for the rest of the year!

Q: Are there any specific team requirements?

A: Yes, each team must have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15, at least 5 of whom must be female.Teams must identify their team name as well as who will be the captain and co-captain for that season.

Q: How do I register to be a part of HYPE Cup?

A: Team captains must email Mia Sinatrowith their complete team roster, team name, and identify the captain and co-captain. Remember that this is first come first serve. So email Jackie ASAP!

Q: How much does it cost? What is included?

A: The fee to participate is $70 per person. All participants MUST be a HYPE member in order to participate. Click here to become a member or email Mia with further questions. All activity fees are included. Any other costs (food, optional team t-shirts/uniforms, transportation) are not included.

Q: Do all the team members have to come from the same company?

A: Nope! Feel free to make a team of friends and/or colleagues!

Q: Can my team be sponsored?

A: Yes. If your company is currently offering free HYPE membership and you would like help connecting with the right people at your company to discuss possible sponsorship's, please Julie Daly Meehan, Vice President of Investor Engagement & Retention.

Q: How do we get points? How are events scored? 

A: Points are earned by winning or placing at events. Scoring is different for each event (mostly dependent on if it’s a bracketed event or not), and we don’t reveal the scoring system in advance because the winning team is not revealed/announced until the Awards Ceremony at the end of the season in May. Keep in mind that for individual events, a team will be disqualified and will receive zero points for that particular event if they do not have the minimum number of required players to participate. As long as your team participates you will earn points!

Q: How can we earn extra HYPE Cup points?

A: HYPE is partnering with community events and volunteer opportunities throughout the duration of the HYPE Cup Season. These events can be found on our website here. For every team member that participates in one of these opportunities, your HYPE Cup team will earn 1 extra point. Substitute players are not eligible to earn extra points, and points are awarded for participation only, not for performance (i.e. no extra points for raising additional funds or placing higher). You MUST identify yourself as a HYPE member during the registration process for these events to be eligible to earn the extra point (specific instructions for individual events will be communicated on the website). If the organization hosting the event cannot verify that you participated, you will not receive a point.

If you are a non-profit organization that would like to have your event or volunteer opportunity listed on our Volunteer Opportunities page, or if you would like more information about this, please contact Mia.

Q: Can we use substitute players?

A: Teams should make every effort to use players from the original team roster whenever possible. If you find yourself in a situation where you will be forced to forfeit an event because you don’t have enough original team members available, you may use substitute players. Each team is allowed substitutes but they must pay a $10 fee per person per event. This fee will be paid before the event begins otherwise that person cannot participate.

Each event has a minimum number of people needed to participate and subs are only allowed up to the minimum required.  For example, Volleyball teams need a minimum of 6 people in order to participate. Team A only has 5 people from their roster who're available, and therefore they're allowed to recruit 1 substitute to play on their team. They cannot have 2 substitutes participate since they're reaching the minimum required 6 people for the event.

Q: Do I have to make it to every HYPE Cup event?

A: No. Team captains will coordinate which players will represent your team each event (sometimes we only need 4 players, others require more players).

Q: What if there is bad weather?  Will HYPE Cup events be cancelled?

A: If a HYPE Cup event is postponed due to weather, we will notify team captains 5 hours before the start of the event and also post that information on Facebook and on Twitter. Please note that rain/snow dates for each applicable event are usually planned and on the master calendar of events.

Q: Do we have to have team t-shirts? 

A: No, but you’re encouraged to! Show your team spirit by creating unique t-shirts for all of your team members! The two recommendations we suggest are:
          - Ben Roberts and Randy Long from Ransom Ink. You can contact them by email.
          - Rob Clark from Artisan Ink. You can contact him by email.

Q: What do we get if we win?

A: Bragging rights and the HYPE Cup trophy for the summer (Stanley Cup rules). The winning team will be announced and recognized at the Awards Ceremony directly following Trivia in May 2019. Congrats to all of our past winners, and to the 2017-2018 winning team Hz So Good!

Additional questions? Please contact Mia.