Where is HYPE's office?

HYPE is part of the MetroHartford Alliance located at:
31 Pratt Street, 5th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

What is the MetroHartford Alliance?

The MetroHartford Alliance is Hartford's Chamber of Commerce and the Region's Leader in Economic Development. Please visit www.metrohartford.com for more information.

How did HYPE start?

The Senior Human Resources Task Force of the MetroHartford Alliance initiated the idea of a Young Professionals networking group in the Hartford Region as a tool for talent attraction and retention. In Fall 2005, the MetroHartford Alliance ran several focus groups of about 15 young professionals to develop the groundwork for HYPE. In its first 18 months, HYPE’s volunteer committees were formed and its list serve grew to more than 1,700 young professionals. A formal membership structure was implemented in October 2007, and HYPE now has more than 4000 members and 150 company sponsors.

What is HYPE's current relationship with the MetroHartford Alliance?

HYPE is an initiative of the MetroHartford Alliance. The Alliance provides staffing, funding, meeting space and other resources for HYPE. 

Where does HYPE's funding come from?

HYPE is supported by a collection of companies and organizations considered our Principal Sponsors. For more information visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page.

How do I get more involved with HYPE?

If you would like to join one of HYPE's committees, please review the committee descriptions, and then contact the appropriate chairperson.

Does HYPE participate in community service projects?

Yes. HYPE selects 3-4 community service projects to pursue annually. Visit our HYPE in the Community section for more information.

How does HYPE decide which organizations to partner with for events and community service projects?

Any organization wishing to partner with HYPE on a project should visit the Partner with HYPE section for more information.

Will HYPE advertise events for other organizations?

Yes. Please visit the Partner with HYPE page for information on how to submit and event to be posted on HYPE's Other Events Calendar.

What is the average age of a HYPE member?

HYPE members are typically in their 20s and 30s, though people of all ages are welcome to participate.

How many HYPE events are held annually?

HYPE holds about 70 events each year.

Does my company pay for my membership in HYPE?

There are over 150 companies and organizations in the Greater Hartford Region who, through their relationship with the MetroHartford Alliance, offer free membership in HYPE to their employees. A complete list of participating employers can be found in the drop down field on the Company Sponsored Membership Registration Form.

What is a Municipal HYPE membership?

Municipal employees (e.g., teachers, police officers, town clerks, etc) of participating cities and towns are eligible for free HYPE membership. To see if your municipality offers this benefit, please check the drop down field on the Municipal Sponsored Membership Registration Form.

Should I join HYPE as an Individual Member?

If your employer is not currently offering free HYPE membership, please consider joining as an Individual Member.  The cost is $40 per year (pro-rated based on which quarter you begin your membership) and includes access to the HYPE email newsletter as well as member pricing for all HYPE and MetroHartford Alliance events. The HYPE Individual Membership Registration Form can be found on the MetroHartford Alliance website.